Join FICSI For Online Food Safety And Standards Regulation Course

January 7, 2019

According to FSSAI needs and requirements, each one of the food business operators needs to be trained and certified individuals within their business premises to ensure food safety at its best. For implementing the said regulation, FSSAI has approved training partners. Their main goal is to ensure safe food for consumers everywhere. The content and curriculum of the training from our side at FICSI have been created centrally.

So, waste no time further and register with our online food safety and standards regulation course to learn more about FSSAI infused food standards and safety regulations to follow. It helps you to bag a job in the food processing sector and shape up your career well. But, before moving furthermore, learning about the course in detail is mandatory.

More about the food safety and standard regulation course:

The food safety and standard regulation course from our side have been purposely designed to acquaint ourselves with not just national food laws but with international ones as well.

• Our course is purposely meant for all the stakeholders out there in the food chain, including procurer, producer, transporter, distributor, processor, exporter or importer, retailer and regulator.
• India took a revolution in food safety and quality by adding some of the latest scientific-based food standards and laws. These are all mentioned under the Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006. Later, it was followed by some of the Rules & Regulations of 2011.
• You can see a continuous improvement in the enforcement and also their harmonisation with the Codex standards, which have laid proper templates and foundations for hygienic and safe food.

The major components:

Our food safety and the standard regulation course has four significant components to learn about. Understanding those points related to food safety supervisor training is important if you want to learn everything in detail. Those four components are listed below for your reference.

• Indian Food Regulatory Regime
• Global Scene
• Import and Export Laws and Regulations
• Other Laws and Standards associated with foods

More about the Indian Food Regulatory Regime:

The Indian Food Regulatory Regime is noted to cover major features of the New Act Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 and the latest Regulations made in 2011. The global scene over here talks about the international standard-setting bodies like WTO implications and the Codex Alimentarius Commission.

• We are here to discuss the salient features of the Indian Food Regulatory Regime, which are associated with the Export and Import laws and regulations.
• Our course module will further cover AGMARK and BIS as well.
• We will support our video lessons with self-learning materials as well.
• Along with that, we will offer various web links to support our study materials and also to keep you updated on the latest trends and information.
• After each lesson, we will provide our aspirants with self-assessment questions.
• Here, the learners need to complete the assignments after checking out the major sections of our study materials.

The course under Food Laws and Standards:

We, at FICSI, will offer our students the much-needed courses under Food Laws and Standards. These courses are primarily designed to help enhance the competencies in some of the chosen areas. Join us now as we help you explore those points even better.

• Through our course modules under Food Laws and Standards, you will learn more about the Food Laws and Standards Act of 2006 and the rules and regulations of 2011.
• Get to us and learn more about the Codex features alongside its scientific principles. You will come to know more about Codex’s relevance to all the national standards.
• We will specify all the major necessities within our course concerning the export and import of the food products.
• Join us to understand more about the importance of BIS and AGMARK.
• Be sure to ensure the quality and safety of the food products as per some of the major legal needs and voluntary standards. It will include the export regulations if needed.

Our course on food safety supervisor certificate online is always proven to be useful mainly for those individuals, who are willing to work in the food processing industry later on. It is also a perfect training module for those who are willing to specialise in the area surrounding food safety and quality management.

The course layout:

Before proceeding further and enrolling your name in our food safety course module, we would like to shape the course layout with you. This outline will help you to know the areas we cover under our online video modules over here.


• Understand more about the rules and regulations covering food science
• Food microbiology – the aims and objectives to follow
• Food safety – all the norms to learn more about

Indian Food Regulatory Regime:

• Preventive measures of the Food Adulteration Act and Rules
• Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006
• Essential Commodities Act
• Food Safety and Quality Requirements
• Special notes on HACCP, ISO and BRC
• Learning about hygienic and sanitary regulations
• Focusing on safety and quality management for specified items like milk and dairy products, meat and meat products
• Packaging and labelling

Global scene:

• Codex Alimentarius Commission or CAC
• Structure revolving around Codex, harmonisation of national standard with Codex and scientific basis
• WTO implications with the TBT and SPS agreement
• Other specialised international standard-setting organisations including ISO, OIE, IPPC, AOAC, ASTM, EU and USFDA

Apart from these points, our team from FICSI will offer value-added courses on export and import regulations and laws. Here, you will learn about the foreign trade policy, promotion bodies and many more. So, instead of wasting your time, try focusing on our food safety and standards regulation course right away!