Online Food Safety Advance Training – Advanced FoSTaC Special Courses Just For You From FICSI

February 21, 2019

The time has come when you need to be associated with the top-notch Food Safety Training and Certification training services. To do so, you have been looking for the best training institution for a long time. Well, there is nothing to worry about once you have chosen us at FICSI to the rescue. We are here with the large-scale training program under Food Safety Training and & Certification, as made by none other than the Food Safety & Standard Authority of India.

The main goal of our online food safety advance training is to spread education and proper awareness related to the Food safety & standard Act, Rules & Regulations among those food operating businesses out there.

The importance it holds:

All the food businesses, which are operating in India with the FSSAI licenses in either state or central, must have at least one trained and certified food safety supervisor. One such supervisor is allotted for around 25 food handlers.

  • FSSAI is noted to run the fostac program under three major categories, and those are basic, advanced and special food safety courses.
  • The food business operators who are dealing with the higher-risk food businesses should have special attention to getting trained under FoSTaC special courses.
  • These FoSTaC special courses will run for the duration of around 8 to 12 hours and will spread across 1 to 2 days.
  • The food safety specialized courses are well aligned for the FoSTaC special training sessions under multiple categories. Some of those are nutraceuticals, health supplements, edible oil and fat, bakery level 1 and 2, packaged water and water-based beverages, fish and fish products, poultry meat and meat products, animal meat and meat products, and milk and milk products.
  • The special course from FICSI will present an insightful session for all the food processing experts, based in this industry or focusing on food academics. The main goal is to maximise their level of knowledge and proper awareness of sanitary practices and specified hygiene as mandated by FSSAI and mentioned in the 2011 regulation.

We, at FICSI, are going to be the best training partner and will be authorised to conduct a food safety special training program for FoSTaC special courses in India. Upon completion of the program, we will offer the best FoSTaC certificate to follow. The new challenges posed by COVID had initiated the online food safety-based special course training. We have already run online training courses all over India. Apart from that, we have an offline mode for you to consider as well!

The basic course details:

Our FoSTaC special course is designed for a complete duration of 7 hours. It starts from 10 am and continues till 5 pm in the evening.

  • Most of the time, students would love to go for the online mode of learning. But, there are offline sessions available as well.
  • English is the primary mode of concern, which makes it easier for everyone to learn more about the online food safety norms in detail.
  • Students, who are in their final year of a degree or diploma courses, can take an active part in this FoSTaC special training module and can shape a better future ahead!

The objectives of the course:

The main concern of the FoSTaC special training is to let people know more about the Food Safety and Standard Act of 2006 and what it actually holds account to.

  • People will come to learn about the potential hazards and their total control as well.
  • They will understand Schedule IV requirements with a focus primarily on food safety for specified sectors.
  • This course will cover different sections like bakery, edible oil and fat; water-based and packaged-based beverages, fish, animal meat and poultry meat, milk and nutraceuticals.
  • Students will come to learn more about the HACCP Study from the same source and will cover FSMS Plan development as well.
  • There will be a separate course module talking about the Schedule IV Compliance as well from this basic course module under FoSTaC special sector.

The course modules as covered:

Before you jump straight into our FoSTaC special training application course, it is mandatory for you to know more about the courses we have here for you. It will help you to know what you are expecting from the source. You will learn about:

  • Control of the potential risks and hazards
  • Potential hazards and the associated risks related to the vast food industry or business
  • Insights related to the principal food safety regulations in India to be followed
  • Special hygienic and sanitary practices for the food business operators to follow, who are engaged in manufacturing, processing, storing and selling food items
  • Development of the Food Safety Management Service Plan or FSMS incorporating the HACCP values to it.

The noted eligibility criteria:

Anyone, who is studying in his or her final year of the diploma or degree course, can take an active part in the FoSTaC special training courses from us at FICSI. It is also a suitable course module for entrepreneurs, willing to enter the food business. It is also a great call for the food handlers and food professionals in this regard.

After completion of this course module, candidates will come to know more about the food hazards they have to deal with and how to control the risks by following the 7 HACCP Principles around here.

Hiring the best experts:

To make our FoSTaC courses extra special, we have hired some of the best speakers and lecturers to help guide our aspiring students. These experts are more than happy to share their real-life experiences with you, to help understand what the market actually looks like. Once you get the FoSTaC training certificate under your belt, it proves your worth and helps you to get the license to run a food business in India.

Make sure to log online at our official website at and focus on all the details of our FoSTaC special training courses right away!